Zandoli (Anolis oculatus) (C)

The tree lizard is endemic to Dominica and was called anoli by the Caribs, hence the scientific and Creole name. They are widespread and abundant around the island, particularly in the dry forest, scrub and littoral woodlands. They measure up to 98mm with the females smaller and vary in colour from dark brown to light brown with yellow, green or grey tones depending on their habitat in different parts of the island. This reflects the need for different types of camouflage depending on the forest zone so as to protect themselves from predators. The adult male has an orange and yellow throat fan, which is extended and withdrawn to attract females during mating displays. The Caribs considered zandolis running around in their houses as a sign of good spirits. A small hotel near Point Carib on the south coast is called Zandoli Inn.




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